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Multi-Seperator RMRA

Multi-Seperator "RMRA" is used to sieve coarse and fine impurities out of the granular product (e.g. grain) or to sort products by size.


The multi-cleaner has a round product inlet, a screen box with 4 screen decks that swings freely on fiberglass rods, a built-in drive unit, a wide outlet for the main product and a outlet each for coarse and fine material. Depending on the requirements and product type, the 4 screen layers (1 x coarse screening, 3 x fine screening) can be equipped with different screen variations.

The free-swinging machine body hangs on fiberglass rods in a solid steel frame, all connections are vibration-free. The machine is driven by an electro motor with belt drive. The swing-width of the machine can be adjusted by changing the speed of the motor with a frequency converter (not included).

The Multi-Separator "RMRA" can be used together with the Multi-Tarar "RMTA" as a unit in order to remove light impurities right before the machine by means of an air flow. Furthermore, an Aspiration Canal „RAKA“ or an Air-Recycling Tarar „RUTA“ can be installed at the outlet of the machine.

  • High capacitys
  • Flexible to use
  • Tool-free sieve changing
  • Modular
  • Suitable for use in potentially explosive areas (inside/outside)
  • Swing-width and position monitoring
  • Bearing temperature monitoring
  • Rotation speed monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Different outlet geometry
  • Multi-Tarar „RMRA“ for inlet-aspiration
  • AIr-Recycling-Tarar „RUTA“ or Aspiration Canal „RAKA“ for outlet-aspiration
  • Sapre sieves
  • Wear protection
  • Custom painting (standard: RAL9003/ RAL3003)
Technical data
Type Capacity*
Dimensions [mm]
Weight [kg] Volume
Width Length Net Gross
RMRA-120 100 (PRE-Cleaning) 3,0 1.200 1.200 8 2.865 3.100 18
25 (Cleaning)
*Capacities are non-binding values, which are based on wheat (0.75 kg/dm³). The Capacity may vary depending on product, humidity, contamination and environmental conditions.
Typ A B C D E F G H I
RMRA-120 2.700 3.260 2.020 1.420 1.1310 485 150 525 840
in mm


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